Tips for Maintaining your Joint Health

Reduce Stress:

It is vital for everyone, especially people with arthritis, to protect their joints. The goal of joint protection principles is to decrease pain and reduce the stress or burden placed on the joints.

Manage weight:

The desired benefits of regular physical activity and exercise can be achieved with low-impact exercise—a gentler exercise that minimizes the stress put on joints during high-intensity workouts.

Keep Mobile:

Many people with arthritis resist regular physical activity or exercise because they fear it will increase pain or damage their joints. The body is supposed to move; our joints allow for movement. Movement eases joint stiffness, reduces joint pain, strengthens the muscles surrounding the joints, and helps us maintain a healthy weight.

Muscle Strengthening:

The muscles that support our joints must be kept as strong as possible. You can maintain or improve your muscle strength by doing strengthening exercises. Weight training is often used as part of a strengthening regimen. Be careful to pace your workouts and not overdo them. 

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